Jnnovation, Ltd.
Is a company that specializes in connections between Israel
and Christians around the world, Based on years of experience of the company’s team. The company’s unique concept draws on the Jewish world’s rich educational experience to create educational products, especially for the Christian community.
In addition, the company specializes in connecting business leaders in Israel with Christian business leaders around the world.
The company also provides unique consulting services, Unique tourism options and a speakers bureau on Israel as well as its connections with the Christian world for government, non-profit, and private institutions in Israel and around the world.
The Jnnovation Team


The Team

Amit Barak

Co-founder and co-owner of Jnnovation, Ltd.

An Israeli Jew, Expert in Jewish-Christian relations, with over seven years experience in the field.

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Rev. Dr. Petra Heldt

Research Director and Theological Consultant at Jnnovation, Ltd.

Christian scholar, Director of the Ecumenical Theological Research Fraternity in Israel.

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Amotz Eyal

Co-founder and Co-Owner of Jnnovation, Ltd.

An Israeli Jew, Media and marketing expert with over ten years experience in the field.

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Lectures and Educational Seminars about Israel are offered in Israel and abroad.

Business consulting

Consulting Services

Representing and establishing relationships including business connections between the Christian world and Israel. Services are provided to private clients and organizations from around the world and to clients from

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Exclusive Tourism in Israel

Israeli Tours “Outside the Box”
The company has many years of experience in preparing and running exclusive tours and seminars in Israel.
We put particular emphasis upon unique programs that take visitors and students to lesser-known sites, revealing the unique Biblical connection of the Jewish people to their Land, the Christian roots that grew from the Land of Israel and the shared foundation of Judaism and Christianity. Our programs bring the visitors to people, sites and unusual stories in Israeli society, revealing its diversity and the people who are doing amazing things, including building bridges between different parts of Israeli society.
The company specializes in coordinating tours in the Land of the Bible. We will follow the Way of the Patriarchs and more. These are the areas where 80% of the Bible stories took place. We will create an individualized route just for you, help you with all the necessary arrangements, and find a tour guide who suits you personally.
Exclusive Tourism in Israel

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“Way of the Patriarchs”.

 “Way of the Patriarchs”.

 What is the “Way of the Patriarchs”? It is the ancient path through the Land of Israel that our forefathers traveled when they made their way from the south to the north; from the Negev and the Judean Desert, all the way up to the Galilee. Imagine Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; picture Joseph the Righteous, dream of Jesus and others from history all journeying on the "Way of the Patriarchs". 

This was the ancient equivalent of a “highway". At first, people traveled here by foot or on donkeys, while later they rode camels, horses, and elephants. Countless biblical stories take place along this holy path. The Way of the Patriarchs begins in the Negev, travels up the back of the Judean then crosses through Jerusalem Israel’s capital and Samarian mountains, before finally reaching Jezreel Valley and climbing up the Mountains of Nazareth. Today this path is known as Road 60 and the majority of it still serves as a highway, albeit a more modern one.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to get to know several other unique sites in the Judean Desert if you go follow the “Desert Path,” which we created for this game. If instead you get thirsty even just thinking of walking through the desert, you can choose to go from North-South while seeing the main sites on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan river.  This alternate path is the “Jordan River Path”, another ancient road that follows the path of the water all the way down south.

Join us on this journey and follow our forefathers, as together we travel across the Land of Israel.



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