An Exclusive Experience on the Way of the Patriarchs

Today Route 60 travels along The Way of the Patriarchs and is the main road through the heart of the Land of Israel. It is where our forefathers, the patriarchs and matriarchs walked, from Beer Sheva (Beersheba) to Nazareth. It’s the way that started everything and where generations before us traveled.

Jnnovation specializes in coordinating and guiding tours through the Land of the Bible. We travel along the Way of the Patriarchs and through other historical areas where over 80% of the Biblical stories took place. We are happy to work together with you to create an individualized route, as well as help you with all the necessary arrangements, including finding a tour guide who best suits you.

The Way of the Patriarchs is a BIBLICAL, historical and educational path, it is a way of beginning and of faith, of covenants and of prophecies.
Join us in visiting the wells of Abraham in Beer Sheva, the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, and from there travel to Bethlehem where King David and Jesus were born.
From there we go to Jerusalem- always emotional. We travel through the city of David and go up to the Temple Mount, where the Holy Temple stood.
Have you ever imagined visiting where Jacob dreamed? We go to Beit El and from there to Ancient Shiloh where the Tabernacle stood. We then visit Mount Gerizim, which looks over Joseph’s Tomb and then travel to Mount Ebal to see Joshua’s Alter. Finally, we go north to Tel-Megido, a unique archeological site, and then to Nazareth where we see ancient artifacts from the times of Jesus.

Our entire lives and history are formed by these beautiful and remarkable sites, which are waiting just for you.

On the way we also dip in springs, see other Biblical and historical sites and attractions, visit museums, meet the people of the Land, sip on fine wines that reflect the prophecies about the greatness of the land, and eat out along the Ways of the Patriarchs.

Join us for this unique experience on the ancient Biblical path that we have traveled since times before and until now.

Call us today to hear about our opportunities for trips on the Ways of the Patriarchs. We offer both day trips that are several hours, as well as packages over several days where you can connect to the Bible, walk history, enjoy nature, visit wineries, fill up on great food, go on adventures, stay at top hotels, meet interesting people, and more.
Our life stories are formed by these beautiful and amazing sites, which are waiting just for you.

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