Jonathan Nizar Elkhoury

Jonathan Nizar Elkhour

is an Israeli-Lebanese Christian speaker and advocate for Israel

He founded and coordinated the ‘Minorities Project’ for the organization Reservists on Duty (Rod) in Israel between the years 2017-2020

The Minorities Project is the first of its kind, in which Israeli minorities present their own perspective about life in the Democratic Jewish state and their part for its success today.


‏Elkhoury is the son of a former South Lebanon Army (SLA) officer who fled to Israel along with his mother and brother in 2001, after his father was forced to leave Lebanon after Israel's withdrawal in May 2000
‏Elkhoury is the former spokesman for the Christian Empowerment Council that focused on integrating the Christian population into Israeli society through national and military service

Elkhoury completed his national service of 2 years in Rambam Hospital in Haifa

He writes and gives talks about the situation of Christians and other minorities in Israel to various audiences around the world

He has also shared his perspective on the SLA community in TV interviews and through his writings