Way of the Patriarchs is the first Israeli-made board game made to study the Bible through play as a family. Its two creators are Israeli-born lovers of the Holy Land who want to share the amazing stories of the forefathers with you, your children and your community.

"My family loved exploring the land of Israel, testing our knowledge and learning more about Israel through The Way of the Patriarchs family board game. And all this while having family fun!  A great game for families that love the land of the Bible." ~ Charmaine Hedding

Bringing the Holy Land of Israel to your living room, teach the next generation about our connection to the Biblical Holy Land and its history through play. 100% smile guarantee! This is your invitation for the family to sit together around the table to play, learn, and have fun.

Designed to be fun and educational, you'll travel along the historic paths of the Holy Land, where our forefathers journeyed. “Way of the Patriarchs” is a family-friendly, educational board game that will take you to historical sites and tell you about biblical and historical stories that took place there. Enough of televisions and iPads! Let's gather as a family to play, engage, and learn together! From Beer Sheva, where Abraham dug wells, to the streets of Jerusalem the holy city and all the way to Nazareth in the Galilee. Join us, on the “Way of the Patriarchs!”

 The entire pack is ready for production! 

For this KICKSTARTER version of the game, we're offering special player pieces in the "SPECIAL Pawns, Game, & Bible Learning" package above. Don't miss out on this 1st ever production of Way of the Patriarchs! We've confirmed all pieces, handed out prototypes to Israeli families, and have raving reviews. We're ready to bring this game to your home, congregation, and community.

"The educational board game of Way of the Patriarchs reveals and teaches more about the places we read about in the scriptures in an interesting and educational way. The creators of the game, Israeli Jews, are building another tier in the important bridge between Jews and Christians. Every religious person should know the biblical and historical places better and deeper and educate his children for good deeds and for a better world. May God bless them with great success. " ~ Father Gabriel Naddaf

Playing together as a family or small group, you will learn the timeless Biblical stories of our forefathers. This game is PERFECT for: 

  • Parents of young families
  • Grandparents 
  • Congregations and Church groups
  • Homeschooling children 
  • Tabletop game enthusiast 

**Perfect for homeschooling parents.** Grandparents, get your grandkids something to enrich their minds, souls, and spirit! 

"Wow! This is very impressive That is a LOT of work to develop And highly creative! Way to go! This is very impressive! "~Pastor Jim Garlow

Which path will you take? Way of the Patriarchs allows for repeat play with a variety of options for traveling with your pawn. Players get to choose which path they will take, which offers unique player actions.  

3 fun paths to choose from!

The three paths that you can take: 

1) The “Way of the Patriarchs” is the main path on the board.

2) The “Desert Path” is for a player who thinks they have enough Good Samaritan cards and wants to get to Nazareth faster.

3) The “Jordan River Path” will give you the opportunity to be born and begin the journey from the beginning.

Ready to open your Bible!?   Together as a family and community, we guarantee that you'll love this game! Way of the Patriarchs will teach its players about the Biblical Land of Israel, the Holy Land. Players journey from south to north, following the “Way of the Patriarchs.” Visit the ancient sites from the Bible, as well as more modern sites built along the Way of the Patriarchs. You'll have a blast! Go on a journey by following our forefathers, traveling across the Land of Israel! 

Are you ready for a fun, family, Biblical adventure! Mixed with "open your Bible" calls to action, the goals of the game are based on the wonderful accounts of the Bible and hstorical sources. While spending time together as a family, joyfully learn alongside your kids as you open the Bible and learn about Abraham's time In Beersheba, Jacob's journey to Beit-El, and what Yotam shouted at Mount Gerizim.The learning style is perfect for homeschooling, time with the grandkids, or your congregation and community. 

You get it all in this edition!

As you open up your brand new Way of the Patriarchs board game, you'll see around ten kinds of beautifully hand-drawn playing cards. The types of cards include Subtle Deceiver cards, Good Samaritan cards, Change direction cards, Exchange/Barter cards, and many more!